Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dose of Reality for Reality TV

The title reality tv is being thrown around just a little loosely these days. Its been beaten to death that most of these shows are at least somewhat staged but it's amazing how many viewers still feel like they can identify with and relate to the characters on many of these shows. I thought it would be appropriate for me to sort of touch base with all of these shows and offer just a taste of reality. For reals.
1. The Hills
-The tagline of the new season is, "You've lived through every moment with them...". This is true. Every Monday night when the Hills comes on, I cuddle up next to my 60 year old GE heater and eat a raw can of corn while drinking a can of Icehouse. If anyone has lived through LC's life, it is certainly me.

2. American Idol
-This show always gets me as the fans are the real joke. Hundreds of thousands of people get so caught up in the show they feel inclined to call in and vote and attend the "concerts" while bringing posterboards and shit-eating smiles. Is it really that exciting to watch a group of people with questionable talent and sky high ego's audition for a CHANCE TO SIGN WITH A LABEL? Jesus Christ I think the Chocolate Rain guy on Youtube got an offer three days after posting his videos.

3. Dancing With the Stars
-I dont know who the fuck watches this show. I would say old people but I dont think they approve of the diverse cast of latinos and coloreds. Sometimes I say a prayer deep down inside that the same crowd at the Dancing with the Stars show is also the group at American Idol, just a few days later.

4. The Real World
- All I can say is if I had to live in a house with 6 strangers, I would probably choose the local Homeless shelter over a chic pad filled with whining metrosexuals and hipsters. Im sure there would be an equal amount of trannies at either residence.

5. The Bachelor
- What do you call 40 women competing over 1 guy? Just another day in my life sweetheart.

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