Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Shit I Deal With: Intro

I am absolutely the most normal person ever born. Compare me with Jesus Christ and youll defintely find that even he is odder than I am. Im the index for which all normalcy must be compared. I wear a plain polo shirt, jeans, and white high tops. I dont comb my hair. I dont wear it long. I dont talk jive. I drive a stock Grand Cheorokee. I am of average size (6'1 185). I am friendly but not outgoing. I am witty but not obnoxious. I am more than willing to pick on all my flaws. That being said, I find it astounding that I draw so much negative attention from the douchebag masses on college campuses. This pleases me, to be honest, to know that I can fight fire with fire and worst comes to worst I know in a fight I wont have to pretend im someone im not...this translates to "I will break a bottle over their heads than run and hide and set up some random person who walks by than never speak of the incident again..". I do, however, think its time I start unveiling some of the lamer messages I have received over the last few weekends.

These are all facebook messages from guys I mocked or called out jokingly at my friend Kyles party. I love that they send their threats via the internet than when push comes to shove find an excuse to run. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, any kid who tells you they are "tough" or "real" is probably no better a fighter than your alcoholic grandfather.

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