Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Shit I Deal With: Part 1-The Needledick

I wont give away this guys name, but hes 20 years old and a stoner. Hes about 5'9 and 140. His friend had threatened to shoot me because I made fun of his aviators. This escalated quick and at some point in the scuffle, he decided he was Chuck Liddell and jumped in. He was quickly slammed. He than went to his car and got an air soft gun and shot my friend. Its funnier that he got the air soft gun than anything else, its like stabbing a guy with a spoon. He was than slammed by a guy no bigger than he. I was too busy with my own potential sniper to deal with him, but soon after he began posting comments on facebook telling people we jumped him.

I dont get this shit..but this is his response to me telling him to stop talking.

"look u rboi daniel is a birch and no kyle kyle didnt
slam me . apparently daniel being 40 pounds bigger than me couldnt fight me himeself he , he had his 2 friends help yea kyle was on me cause he didnt want shit fucked up so lets just say that was complrtgly unfair. so lets just say this if it goes down again it definitely
WILL be completely unfair he had his chance to fight me 1 on 1 . his pussy was wet that night and he needs to dry it off..... im a motherrfucker that doesnt give a fuck jsut to prove a point ill rolle to clemson with 20 heads thats how i Roll. watch ur fucking back fool if ur gina talk shit. to you i might look like a conservative white boy but dont let looks decieve you SON. "

This guy has been drinking Monsters and staring at himself in the mirror while doing pullups all day. I imagine he was jacked up enough at this point to write such an XtReMe message. I didnt bother responding. I told some black friends about his attempts to be ghetto and they handled it. I wont comment any further.

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