Sunday, October 14, 2007

Man, I Never Knew I was Such a Racist!

I just wanted to take this oppurtunity to apologize to all of my readers (mom) for being such a blatant and terrible racist/sexist/homophobe. I never even knew I had these terrible, terrible biases until, luckily, esteemed leaders like Jesse Jackson and Gloria Allred became heroes on my college campus in the last few weeks. It seems that the majority of the students in college believe that 90 percent of white males at the school our bigots. I'm a logical man and this probably means I am as well. This is unfortunate, I can no longer hang out with my black friends anymore, god knows i'll say something awful.

Seriously here though, why the fuck do college students think they have enough life experience to properly determine whos racist and who isnt? I am drowning in the bitching and moaning I see every day. We've got the educated black kids who totally turn their backs on their heritage and instead get caught up in raising issue over every and anything. The Jena 6 is a good example of this. I agree that the whiteys causing trouble down there all deserve an epic beatdown, and I agree that the system can be crooked, but why on earth do kids living in Charlotte North Carolina feel it is their responsibility to weigh the situation.

But I imagine the black kids have some connection to these cases of activism. What really gets me is when the unattractive white girls and the scraggly professors tag along. Talk about two groups of people who have absolutely no right to even discuss the merits of racism let alone judge people, I have to admit, if hating these types of people was racist, I would be in jail for hate crimes for many many years.

We go to college because we want to learn something or we want something to do before life really begins. We dont come into that campus any smarter than people who never went to college and we dont leave that campus any better a person than anyone else. Unfortunately, somehow I left campus a racist and an asshole, all because I had the bad luck of being born a honkey.

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