Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ultimate Frisbee or Blackberries....Whats Gayer?

The two latest trendy flavors sweeping the nation and colleges alike are raising the bar for gayness in society. Ultimate Frisbee and Blackberries....the absolute epitome of pathetic trends your going to be faced with sooner than later. The question here is not whether or not you should get involved, but rather, which one is more fun to make fun of while watching out your tiny window in your 1 room apartment while Debbie Does Dallas blares in the background?

To discover this answer, my friends, I have weighed the gayness, and the flamer-ness of both trends and lay my case before you.

Ultimate Frisbee
Pros- A sport, Outdoors, Hot girls participate...well not real hot, but cute in the "I Love Jesus" sorta way...thats ok though.

Cons- Can be played barefoot, involved a frisbee, includes the word "ultimate", allows fat girls and ugly girls to play as well, was the basis of an Air Bud movie at one point...

Pros-Can be thrown at people if ever in a drunken bitch fight over the last Long Island Ice Tea.
Cons- Small, makes me feel like I'm one of those Asian dudes who buys into everything Steve Jobs ever said, Doesent allow me to visit the post office, encourages me to be inactive.

Well folks, in my mind, the Blackberries had fewer positives, but the cons of the cult-like Ultimate Frisbee trend was just a bit too powerful in the end and claimed the thrown for Trend of the Week. The clincher was seeing all these fat and ugly girls come out of their caves and get on the intramural fields tonight while I watched from my one room apartments small window while Debbie Does Dallas blared in the background...or something like that.

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