Monday, June 25, 2007

3rd World Countries Suck

Recently, at the end of Spring semester, my professor asked all the students in class what their plans where for the Summer. What started out as an interesting activity to cap off the year quickly turned into a competetive game of one upmanship. Fat girl one declared she was going to Peru to give shoes to poor children. Pudgy frat guy two high fived the "bro" next to him and let us all know he was going to get....."DRUNK!!!" Than the smartass little bitch who cant comb his hair and wears Che Gueverra shirts decided to let us know he was going to be in the Philippines hiking and working on building houses. The chain followed, reaching every 3rd world country on the planet. Apparently, I took a class filled with martyrs and superheroes who will all one day save the world. I, for one, am going to Canada. I like to drink on the beach...ill be 19 so Ill be legal. I dont really want to get drunk too often, just have a little buzz, pick up some 36 year old female hockey player, and try to sleep it off. I guess I am shallow.

But you know what, shallow or not, I am going to fight this movement. Why are all these middle class college kids TRYING to go to shithole countries? The kids there need help, the societies are in disarray, but cant we do just as much good supporting our government and our charities. Certainly the Peace Corps (who work for President Bush all you hippy wannabes) and the Red Cross would rather just use your money than take on the liability of getting you over to another country just so you can feel fulfilled at the coffee shop discussions when you return.

The biggest problem here, though, isnt that people arent doing much good volunteering to go to 3rd world countries in the first place. NO, the problem is that these kids WANT to go. Do you like waking up with snakes crawling up your legs? Do you like going places where the government could collapse any moment now? Do you like visiting locations that have seen multiple suicide bombers visit in the past? I dont. I really really do not want to visit these areas. Its not even top 10. I think Vancouver and Madrid might be top 2, and the other 8 probably are in Greece or America, but I am sure that 3rd world countries dont make that list. Plus, who really wants to see a kid with 3 legs who grew up next to chernobyl during their summer break? Not me, my friends, not me.

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laurenc said...

TN had better be number 3 on your list.