Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Trendy Intro to a Trendy Site

Since the dawn of man, people have been forced to deal with trends and the trendy people who love them. Whether it be that bragging SOB Fred Flinstone with his eco friendly "foot powered" car or the guy sitting next to you, reciting just how fucking excellent Bud Light tastes, one thing is for sure: People want to fit in. What better way to fit in than by finding every hipster trend and popular character trait and than mimicking them to a tee? This formula is ESPECIALLY relevant here on university campuses around the country. Frat guys match while they walk in perfect sync and harmony to and fro class. Girls bust out the fake tan every other day in order to keep the Skin Cancer rates healthy. In college, if your not trendy, your just out of the loop.

Until now...that is. This site was created for every student stunned by the fact that girls fall for deushbags. Every student ready to shoot himself after hearing another story about how the malnourished pissant next to you is small but scrappy. We've tired of seeing torn jeans and musty rainbows, we want to move on from this phase as soon as possible.

The best part about the people who can find a home in this site, is that we arent trying to promote Dungeons and Dragons or Yu-Yi-Oh. We arent the shunned, fat kid who we like to snicker about and throw garbage at. We are better than that. We just chose to be individuals and have to deal with the repercussions every day.

Anyways, I have dragged on, and all we need is another lame ass blog trying to be cutting edge but basically preaching nonstop. We wont preach, I promise.
We will focus on pointing out dangerous trends on campuses across the country, offer stories and solutions that may help you take advantage of the situation, and once in awhile give some commentary on relevant issues around the country. But I doubt that will be interesting.

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