Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hey Wait...Your Not John Mayer!

Oh man, you sure did trick me. You sly bastard. Strumming your guitar on campus while legions of mediocre girls coo over your bittersweet lyrics. I see right through that mop top haircut and those hemp necklaces. You really think your something, huh? Bringing your acoustic guitar to campus and playing some Bob Dylan out on a bench near the dorms. I bet no one has thought of that idea yet! Truth is, beneath that smug grin lies a lame human being. A person who truly wants to be a soulful brotha, but has none of the talent nor life experience to even come close. Thats ok, John Mayer Lite, just keep on doing your thing, theirs a thousand more of you playing right now across the country, but hell, theirs a million other mediocre girls looking to fawn over your image!

1 comment:

Joseph Twarog said...

It would give me no greater pleasure than to smash every acoustic guitar on my college campus. I think it would probably result, I think it would result in 20% less stupid freshman girl pregnancies.