Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wait...We're In College...Fuck Health Concerns

Truth.com has made a lot of money selling hip images of hip people doing hip things while bashing un-hip activities like smoking and drinking. Thankfully, all of the hip actors in these hip commercials dont really believe the shit they say on camera. Unfortunately...the college students do. In the last ten years a phenomenon has taken place. Instead of being the place for radical ideas and new horizons, college has become a moral and logical place. Now I'm not bashing logic here, but arent we supposed to try new things, stop giving a shit, and be a little more laid back while attending college? If I want to smoke for my four years at college, than why the hell shouldnt I? OH WAIT, Truth.com says it will make the light skinned black dude with the Beanie think less of me. Damn, I dont want that to happen....Shit.

Seriously though, this is the time to do things you wouldnt ever normally do. Im not going to tell you to drink and drive, but I just dont see where the people at Truth.com get off on doing that exact thing. Your in college...dont let people preach to you.

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