Monday, February 25, 2008

Energy Drinks are to Extreme

I'm not ready to handle an energy drink. Hell, I am barely fit to handle a diet Mountain Dew. Something about looking to a drink for "extreme energy" is disturbing and shadowy. Next time all the kids who get paid 3 dollars an hour plus "commision" to sit on campus pressuring me to buy these drinks see me walking around, I hope they realize I'm just not ready. Maybe one day, with that special someone, Ill have a sip of that forbidden badass beverage and Ill naturally develop a tribal tatoo and a mandanna before your eyes...but until that point, please, dont corrupt me with your senseless advertising and sugary sweet cans of sin.

I'l stick to coffee and beer in the mornings t give me the proper ups and downs I need to get on with my day. They dont have much in terms of marketing campaigns...I mean seriously, my coffee is in a styrofoam cup made by a man named Juan at the 76 station nearby....but what my drinks lack in coolness, they make up for in quenching my thirst and getting me through another day of college life. Sounds good to me!

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