Monday, February 11, 2008

Foriegn Languages Sound Foriegn or Something

German, Spanish, Latin, French...a list of my favirote kind of women? Of course not, I dont even know what a Latin girl would look like. The list I just unveiled is strictly a compilation of my foriegn language courses over the years. All of them have made my life hell. All of them have made me get ulcers. All of them suck.

Today I quit German. My professor has too many hand mannerisms and gets way to frisky. Three months ago I quit Spanish. That bitch told me I was going to fail straight least shes honest. Before that I struggled with Latin and French, all the while knowing if I ever wanted to speak to a foriegner, I would just talk louder and slower...being as obnoxious as possible.

Sadly, our college professors and department chairs have decided we should all be required to learn a foriegn language if we choose to obtain a Bachelor of Arts. Now I know the BA is a joke around most campuses, but I also know most kids getting the BA laugh at the students with a BS. Its a real healthy relationship and sense of camraderie. One thing that will forever prevent the two sides from coming to a common ground, however, is the exsistence of the Foriegn Language Credit. I am going to spend the remaining 2 years at college registering for, than dropping or flunking these bastard classes and there is nothing I can do about it.

What jackass thought it would be best for people to learn totally different languages in a classroom? To make matters worse, in a classroom filled with people who cant speak this new language. Is that a very learning friendly environment? Probably not..and by that I mean NO BUENO. I think I said no good, I may have said No to some guy named Bueno reading my page in Mexico City...Im sorry Bueno.

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