Monday, February 11, 2008

Group Work, Schmop Work

I dont know why professors always put me in group work situations when Im a college student. I thought half the reason I worked my ass off in high school was to avoid interaction with people I deem socially awkward. I mean, its a given im not getting paired off with the hot girl or the guy whos tossing out compliments left and right. Nope, im getting the gothic girl and the foriegn exchange student from Africa every time. And thats quite alright most of the time, but when we are than told to discuss the effects of Tolstoy on further Russian literature, I'm at a loss for words.

We all know how the politics of group work plays out next. The ugly girl starts getting antsy that some guy is looking at her, so in order do divert attention she pulls out a paper and pen and offers to do the writing. You, being a male im assuming because theres no way girls would read this site...if their was a chance in hell of that id probably change my name to B-Diddy and just post pics of myself on the site...anyways back to the point, so while the hag gets to work on writing the assignment, the exchange student decides to go ahead and immediately disagree with the first point she makes in the discussion. The girl looks up in a fit of anger but is quickly overwhelmed by social anxiety and just instead stares at the exchange student.

This is my most common experience when it comes to group work. Human interaction at its best.

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