Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So your a model...or are you a "model"?

Every girl between the age of 16 and 21 works at Hollister or American Eagle or...if theyre really AWESOME, Abercrombie and Fitch for at least a week. Its like the alternative to becoming a stripper. Either the chick works there or she strips. No grey matter at all. What I really find funny, though, isnt the fact these girls promote a "beachy" and "hip" lifestyle while living in concrete jungles called the suburbs. No, thats been overplayed by now. The funny part is these girls think theyre models. Every one of them will tell you they work as a model for these stores. Its funny because, I really had no idea half of these models...usually the ugly ones....are actually "modeling" when in it certainly appears they are folding clothes I picked up, scoffed at, and dropped on the floor.

I guess I'm just naive but im pretty sure thats not called being a model, I think thats called being my biotch. It gets worse though. These girls, still convinced they are modeling, are all subjected to bitchy orders from homosexual store managers named Rick or Philipe who are "totally serious" about taking out the trashbags. When theyre done picking up my clothes and running errands for Phillipe and Rick while they high five, these pampered models get to go back in the store and SOCIALIZE!!

Unfortunately, theyre not mingling with David Beckham and myself. No, theyre forced to work with the only people worse than themselves, men who call themsevles models. These guys are just a joke and even the dumbass female "models" sense it, theyre just to afraid to admit it. Any dumbass walking into a store with a hemp bracelet, toe rings, and or signature rainbows is one "Sassy" comment away from getting his ass kicked. The female models are oblivious to this fact though, and after an hour or two of collecting hangers, they begin to fall for it and sneak into the bathroom to take Myspace pictures.

And its all cyclical folks, this whole process. These girls arent models, theyre minimum wage workers. They are no different than the hispanic cart collector at Wal Mart aside from the fact that the wal mart worker doesent live a lie...unless hes telling people hes Enrique Inglesias...

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