Monday, February 25, 2008

Pipe Smoking: Underrated future trend in campuses across the nation...

No, not a crack pipe. Certainly not a bowl. Im talking about a fucking pipe. One that puffs out tobacco and gives you a hit that, when mixed with a certain marijuana plant could be potent.
Friday night a friend of mine popped one out on the trip to a party. I realized my collection of old pipes was suddenly unbelievably valuable. I hurried inside and grabbed my toilet bowl shaped one and my crack pipe shaped one (for mike of course) and quickly set out on a new trend setting hobby!

I like my cigarettes and cigars as much as the next lung cancer patient. Hell, I will eat a Marlboro for the remote possibility of a nicotine hit if I am without lighter. That being said, I think a pipe is the best of both worlds. You look classy, and you smell classy. Not to mention your smoking classy tobacco products. None of that scrap heap shit you get in cigarettes, Im talking strains of elegant plant so rich and full bodied you dont need any fucking cologne.

So, light em up folks, bust it out, pipes are the trend of the week and possibly the year, lets just wait and see.

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